Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuscanini Acoustics Auge


Auge speakers represent 10 years of advancements in planar magnetic technology.

The craftsmanship and passion for making outstanding audiophile instruments allowed Tuscanini labs to reach the apotheosis of the isodynamic emission.


Nominal impedance: 8 ohm minimum 6 ohm

Sensitivity: 88 db – 1 W – 1 m

Frequency response: 29 Hz – 21 KHz + / – 3db

Power rating: 20 – 600 W

Driver unit:
Mid-high 85.5 x 3 cm
Mid-low 150 x 24 cm

Crossover frequency: 5 KHz
Slope: 1st order low pass – 1st order high pass

Dimensions: 182 x 65 x 3,8 cm

Weight: 50 kg


€3500 - €4500

MYSPHERE 3.1 has been developed by LB-acoustics Messgeräte GmbH applying their core competences in sound and vibration measurement technology.

Meeting the requirements of the audiophile community all measurements are carried out according to the latest technical standards. This includes simple sound measurement as well as mechanical vibrations and psychoacoustic tests. But the final examination is made by the human ears of our test persons, which significantly influences the whole design concept.

An ultra light coil and a glass foam membrane with a cobweb structure allow fastest impulse reproduction. All dispensable air volumes like tight channels, slots, holes etc. are largely avoided in order to reduce additional acoustic masses.

Supported by the open design, the drivers are kind of levitating over the ear. The open front cushion enables sound to flow from one side to the other and vice versa. This creates an unprecedented binaural effect and great spatiality.

On both sides of the moving membrane the spaces are completely vented. No acoustic volumes hamper the membrane in its movement and the front cushion is acoustically open. This yields an unsuspected sense of space.

A light metal frame transmits the force from the soft cushions to the head to achieve very small specific surface pressure. Sensitive areas of the head are bypassed resulting in a well-fixed headband carrying the hovering drivers.

All cushions are attached by magnets and can be removed manually without tools.

Additionally, both sides of the earphone can be removed without tools to facilitate the transportability and service.

Since no human head is really symmetric, all adjustments of angle and height have been accomplished without mechanical lock-in positions. A fine scaling allows for easy retrieval of personal settings.

MYSPHERE 3.1 can be ordered with following cables which are built as described:

Single threads 8 x 0.14 mm² of oxygen-free monocrystalline copper (OFC)

Electrical specifications: 0.1 Ohm/m, 0.4 nF/m

Black tear-proof sleeve textile according to MIL standard, overall diameter 3.6 mm

Other cable types are available on request


Style levitate next to the ears, fully open

Sensitivity 96 dB / 1 mW RMS = 115 dB SPL/V eff. (at Ear-Drum Reference Point)

Maximum input power 60 mW

Rated Impedance 15 Ohms

Transducer type dynamic

Transducer size 40 x 40 mm

Diaphragm squared, glass-foam enforced

Membrane excursion 4 mm

Frequency response 20 Hz – 40 kHz (-10 dB)

Magnetic structure radial, fully vented

Magnet type Neodymium N52

Magnet density 1.5 T

Weight approx. 330 g (without cables)

Monday, October 9, 2017

SAXUM Canorus Lirica

Marble, an ancient material as rich in history as our mountains, is the true innovative element of Saxum Canorus.

The purity of marble is brought to life by the magic of music with Saxum Canorus, the loudspeaker that surpasses the current concept of HiFi audio reproduction. Anyone who has been waiting for an innovation and has a desire to stand out from the crowd, this loudspeaker combines incomparable acoustic performance with a refined and unmistakable style.

Designed and produced by expert artisans, Saxum Canorus is a true bespoke Swiss product that not only pleases the eye but warrants a high audio quality.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Grandinote Mach 18

Troy Audio Hellena

Hellena’s have the best Mundorf capacitors in the market, EVO silver oiled capacitor; we have made special adjustments for 0.5 dB at each crossover point without affecting the behavior of the woofer. These drivers have a uniqueness: the tone, which is only found in these specific drivers.

Our cabinets are made using Russian birch marine plywood enabling them to reach the frequency to evoke the our unique tone.
This particular plywood has been selected after several testing several plywoods from different origins.

We don’t utilize any screw to build our speakers. We have classic and avant-garde colors and textures to choose from, even with automotive paint finishes.

Size - Height 150 mm, Width 624 mm, Depth 736 mm

Net weight 150 kg

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ø Audio Icon


Ø Audio is made for us who simply just want to enjoy the music and forget about the rest!

We had long been looking for a pair high quality speakers that interested us a bit more than average, but after searching and searching without finding what we looked for we decided to make it ourselves.

Ø Audio Icon is the result of a few years with a lot of testing, building and measurements. We are very proud of the result and hope it can be of interest for other enthusiasts!

Our first only speaker model is called Icon.

Icon is made to be able to present the music in a precise, open and entertaining way. Our main goal when listening to music is to be able to just listen to the music without thinking about the speakers, amplifier, source or any other part in the setup.

High efficiency - Easy to drive

The Ø Audio Icon is a high efficiency speaker that is easy to drive even for low powered tube amplifiers. They are recomended to be used with amplifiers from around 8w depending on the setup and room size!

Asymetrical design

The Icon have a unique asymetrical design with no parallel walls. This gives very little resonances and also reduce the problems with reflecting soundwaves inside the cabinet.

Top of the line components

Ø Audio do only use top of the line components all they way in our products. We use custom designed woofers from Acoustic Elegance, Italian made compression drivers, Crossover components from Duelund and Jantzen and enclosure handcrafted in Poland.

Controlled Directivity

The Icon have a controlled directivity! The horn have a directicity of 60 degree horizontally, which is a bit more narrow than many other hifi speakers. This results in less reflections from sidewalls, which makes a better and more precise soundstage in most situations.


Sensitvity: 93dB
Frequency response: 27-20 khz
Impedance: 8ohm
Tweeter: Coated titanium diaphragm (3" Voice Coil)
Woofer: 12" with Lambda motor
Weight: 50kg/pc
Dimensions: 100x50x36cm (HxDxW)
Recommended amplifier: 8-500w

Matt Black Grey Lacquer(RAL 7021)
Matt White

Want a special color?

All colors in the RAL color chart can be ordered (matt and high gloss) + €650

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trenner & Friedl Taliesin

This loudspeaker has its origin in the very first beginning of Trenner & Friedl.

Even before! More than 25 years ago, Andreas Friedl designed a very big (and we mean BIG) loudspeaker for his own use, a reference, a giant of joy.

When he and Peter Trenner founded the brand, Taliesin (the grey) stayed with Peter for many years. It was the benchmark for all coming loudspeakers.

Now the 25th anniversary is on the horizon, and the friends did not want celebrate without a Taliesin. The task was to make a worthy successor of the awesome forefather.


Floor standing speaker

Designed with taking account of the golden section

Multiplex birch wood of different densities

Multi layered lacquer finish

Damped with recycling composit wool felt

Coaxial loudspeaker principle; point source, smooth phase and perfect step response

In the main frequency range coaxial loudspeaker principle; point source, smooth phase and perfect step response

Huge low frequency driver to move a lot of air

Indirectional radiating super tweeter for finest details

Cones impregnated with multi-layered finish of Italian balsamic oil lacquer

Finest crossover components by Mundorf

Cardas Audio internal wire, also constructed in golden ratio proportions

Cardas Audio Patented Binding Posts

Can be placed close to walls and corners

Drive Units

1 x 18” Paper cone
1 x 12” paper cone coaxial fabric dome
1 x 1.75” coaxial titanium compression driver
1 x air motion transformer

Frequency response
30 Hz (f-6 DB) to 40 kHz (f-3 DB)

92 dB (2.83V/1m)

4 Ohm


1500 mm

620 mm

580 mm

Monday, September 25, 2017

Teorema Acustico at Sintonie Audio Show 2017

Speakers from left:

Full Two.Zero - €18000
Full One.Zero - €12500

Rack - Fermo.Zero - €5000

At the top - Dac.Zero with PCM1704k - €17000
In the middle - XS.Zero integrated amplifier with external PSU to the left - €20000
At the bottom - Uno.Zero tube integrated amplifier - €11000

Nimbus Audio Arcus


The Arcus vacuum tube amplifier has been designed from the ground up to provide the discerning listener with an exceptional musical experience while remaining relatively compact and easily integrated into a living space.

In many cases, this approach would lead to a toned down version of higher-end separate components but not here: the Arcus was conceived with an uncompromising approach despite its compactness. A true dual mono supply, a precision resistor ladder volume control and a computer controlled power output stage that is capable of both Class A and Class AB operation put it in a category of its own.

With the combination of an all-tube amplification chain, very high quality components and an innovative feature set we're convinced that the Arcus amplifier will satisfy your highest expectations.


The Arcus amplifier uses only tubes and transformers in the signal path with no other active devices performing audio signal amplification.

The balanced inputs are handled by high quality amorphous core line input transformers, offering extremely good common-mode noise rejection over a wide frequency range.

Voltage and power amplification stages are connected through an additional interstage transformer using a push-pull topology with a precision current mirror for precise driver tubes biasing.

Finally, output power transformers connected in an ultra-linear topology provide the smooth and detailed sound signature of the Arcus amplifier.


One of the most distinctive capabilities of the Arcus amplifier lies in its ability to let the user select the supply voltage and bias current of the output stage through multiple tube profiles.

This feature allows the use of all tubes from the 6L6 family such as the 6L6,-G/A/B/C, 5881 or Russian 6P3S, and operate them in optimal conditions. Class A and AB profiles are also available providing complete tube operating conditions control.

The precise bias control also has the beneficial side effect of providing zero maintenance push-pull balance, thus ensuring the output transformer operates in ideal conditions over the entire tube lifetime.

Rounding up the flexible output stage, six WBT speaker binding posts offer the choice of two output impedance ranges: 4/8Ω or 8/16Ω, allowing optimal impedance matching.


For tube enthusiasts, the Arcus amplifier adds the ability to support signal amplification tubes using either 6.3V or 12.6V filaments. No manual adjustment is necessary and the correct filament voltage will be applied automatically based on the inserted tube.

This opens up the possibility to install new and NOS tubes from both the 6SN7 as well as the 12SN7 families, vastly expanding the usable NOS tubes range.

For the dedicated tube rollers, a simple Loctal to Octal socket adapter allows 7N7 and 14N7 tubes to be used for even more NOS tube options!


Designed as a no-compromises dual mono architecture from the ground up, the Arcus amplifier uses a separate power supply chassis housing dedicated power transformers for each channel.

In addition to offering fully DC regulated filament, high voltage and bias voltage rails, the power supply has been designed to limit RF interference from entering the circuitry through systematic use of common-mode chokes and filtering capacitors.

The end result speaks for itself: a pristine background for music to unfold on.


Contrary to many integrated amplifiers employing inexpensive volume controls, the Arcus deploys one of the most direct and transparent implementations: a relay-controlled precision resistor ladder volume control. The circuit uses low noise metal film resistors to offer volume control in 1dB steps with almost perfect channel matching.

For ultimate user convenience, during volume changes the audio path is switched to a professional grade VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) circuit enabling smooth and continuous volume adjustment until the desired sound level is reached. Once this is done, the pre-amplifier ciruitry will switch the audio signal back to the passive volume control.


​Vacuum tube only signal path with inter-stage and output transformer coupling and no negative feedback.

Push-pull drivers and push-pull ultra-linear output stage with choice of Class A or AB operation.

Computer controlled, analog tube bias control and voltage control with user-selectable tube profiles.

Precision current sensing for perfect push-pull bias current balance requiring no manual adjustments.

Transformer coupled balanced audio inputs feeding a hybrid resistor ladder volume control / analog VCA.

Lundahl interstage and Hashimoto output transformers.

Six speaker binding posts allowing two different output impedance ranges (two out of 4Ω, 8Ω or 16Ω)


Dual mono design with individual power transformers for each channel.

Fully DC regulated heater, high voltage and bias supplies.

Separate digital circuits supply (with its own power transformers) to avoid interference into the analog circuits.

Common-mode choke filtering on all rails to drastically reduce noise and RF interference entering the amplifier.

Lundahl C-core power transformers.

Ultra long life film power supply capacitors.


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