Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fyne Audio F1-10


Other models:

F1-8 - £12000
F1-12 - £24000

Things are developing well for the launch of the F1-10, the first model in our high end F1 series. The design is truly unique and the innovative feature list is outstanding. From the massive 16kg plinth to the intricate burr walnut inlay top of the cabinet, every element of the loudspeaker has been meticulously considered to ensure stunning audio performance combined with exquisite aesthetic appeal.

Using a 10” version of Fyne Audio’s proprietary IsoFlareTM point source driver ensures constant directivity of the wave front generated, providing outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis. The powerful low frequency motor system uses a substantial ferrite magnet with a rectangular copper voice coil, delivering stress-free performance even at high volume. To place low frequency resonance well below the crossover region, the massive Neodymium high frequency magnet incorporates a vented rear chamber.

The cabinet utilises a twin cavity tuning system which reduces internal standing waves, and moderates cone excursion around the tuning frequency, allowing increased power handling. Additionally, our BassTraxTM Tractrix Diffuser System, with a downwards firing port, converts plain wave port energy to a spherical 360 degree wavefront. This integrates energy uniformly into the room, making the loudspeaker less critical of room positioning.

The first finish available will be a luxurious high gloss walnut with burr walnut inlay on the front baffle and the top of the speaker.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Trafomatic Primavera heaphone amplifier

Single ended DHT amplifier
Output tubes: Svetlana 811.10
Drive tubes: 6S45P
Output impedances: 25 , 50 , 100 , 300 and 600 ohms
Output power: 10W/50 Ohms

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wizard Ultimate update

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February 7, 690 posts and 44700 hits.

There's always posted something special at Wizard Ultimate, the best ultra highend site on the internet.

The latest:

The first picture of the true optical amp,
Masterline 7 phono stage from Switzerland
Thales Statement

All pics are in highres quality..... and now the security is the best with encrypted connection.

To be a member price is US $100, this includes a lifetime membership access to Ultimate and technical support - for example system matching and buy help.

For security login, you need to have a Gmail email account.

Contact me if you are interested to join - link at left on this page.

Friday, January 19, 2018

MSB Technology The Premier DAC

The Premier DAC Features:

-4x Prime DAC modules
-3x Modular input slots
-Clock is user upgradable to the all new Femto 93
-The Discrete Power Supply
-Optional Powerbase upgrade (TBA)
-Standard Toslink, Coaxial, and word-sync module included
-True Balanced Design
-150Ω output impedance
-Optional Analog RCA Output
-No analog output buffer
-Included Volume Control
-14 character discrete LED display (560 pixels)
-2x DAC Dual-Link Power inputs
-Dimensions: 2″ x 12″ x 17.5″
-Standard MSB footprint

MSRP 19,500.00

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Vaessen Orb studio monitor

The Orb studio monitor has been designed to provide superb, uncolored, unlimited full frequency range response in a single enclosure.

Due to our very successful research on the Galaxy & Aquarius loudspeakersystems, the Orb has a sonic character quite similar to its larger predecessors.

Using structural Fibreglass enclosure, speaker drivers, and time alignment technology The Orb is truly the thoroughbred of its class, and is well suited to carrying on the heritage of Vaessen Audiodesign Loudspeakers.

One of Koen Vaessen’s most important criteria in speaker design is that a speaker meets the accuracy and dynamic demands of studio monitoring, analog sounding hardware, software evaluation and critical music listening.

Therefore, the Orb has been designed to deliver all of the speed, dynamics and musical accuracy to satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.

The Orb has also been engineered to take full advantage of today’s multichannel surround formats. The Orb will provide the speed, dynamic impact and realism you have come to expect in a high performance home theater system.

Orb Reference Monitor

8" Carbon Fibre woofer
1" Silk Dome Tweeter
35-30.000Hz @ 8 Ohm
For amps between 12 & 200 W

Orb Ribbon Reference Monitor

8" Carbon Fibre woofer
RAAL Ribbon Tweeter
35-100.000Hz @ 8 Ohm
For amps between 12 & 200 W

Friday, January 12, 2018

Vandersteen M5-HPA


The M5-HPA is a solid-state design descended directly from the flagship monoblocks.

It will be substantially less expensive, but will offer an astonishing amount of the flagship's sonic magic. While the M7-HPA is designed specifically for Vandersteen's Model Seven Mk II speakers, the M5-HPA will work with a much wider variety of loudspeakers and Vandersteen powered subwoofers.

To accomplish this goal, while the M7-HPA's high-pass is fixed at 100Hz, the M5-HPA's internal high-pass filtering is adjustable to any of the following five settings: 20Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz.

Vandersteen for years has employed high-pass filtering with powered subwoofers for the ultimate in powered-bass performance. When paired with a Vandersteen powered-bass speaker like the Quatro Wood CT the M5-HPA forms a complete powered-bass speaker system in which the amplification is perfectly optimized over the entire frequency range.

Richard Vandersteen is responsible for the M5-HPA’s overall design and architecture; the amplifier was developed and is built in partnership between Vandersteen Audio and Dean Klinefelter, a talented designer and engineer in his own right.

Vandersteen powered-bass speaker systems are the ultimate expression of Richard Vandersteen’s philosophies on design and performance, formed over decades of industry-leading design & research & innovation.

M5-HPA's technical attributes:

Zero-Feedback Solid-State Design With Dual Single-Ended Circuits Connected By The Speaker Load
All Signal Transistors N-Channel Bipolars
No Emitter Resistors
Minimal Circuit Path- Only 5 Parts In Signal Path Per Phase
10 Separate Power Supplies
Adjustable High-Pass Filter (20Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz)
300-Watts Into 4 Ohms / 150-Watts Into 8 Ohms
Made In The USA

Sunday, January 7, 2018

PBN Audio M2!5 V2

Silbatone P-205M Single-ended mono amplifiers

World premier of the Silbatone P-205M Single-ended mono power amplifiers using the patented NeoHybrid circuit.

Silbatone SEA is proud to be the first dealer in the world to demo these groundbreaking amplifiers.

18 watts of pure power driving Yamaha NS-5000.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme


The Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme is the latest design from Holton Audio and is a true dual mono bloc power amplifier encapsulated in one chassis.

Featuring a 2KVA toroidal power transformer which is suspended underneath the main amplifier circuitry mounted on its own mezzanine floor. The power supply features 300,000uf of storage and extensive additional supply decoupling on the input VAS driver stages. The new supreme also has additional MOSFET driver stage to tightly control the main Dual Die MOSFET output stage, resulting in much improved bass authority and extention; improved imaging and spacial 3D sound stage control.

The enlarged power output stage on the Holton 500 Supreme allows 2 ohm loads to be driven to 750 watts RMS per channel allowing even the most demanding loudspeakers to be powered with ease.


300 Watts RMS continuous sine wave into 8 Ω
500 Watts RMS continuous sine wave into 4 Ω
750 Watts RMS continuous sine wave into 2 Ω
Biased into Class A/B
Power Bandwidth 3.5hz to 250khz -3dB
Dampening Factor At 100hz 8Ω = 1300
RCA Single ended Input impedance 20kΩ
Differential Input Impedance = 40kΩ
Single Ended Input Gain = 30.6dB
Differential Input Gain = 33.8dB
Fully Balanced Circuit Topology
SNR -110dB
THD-N = 0.005% @ 10 watts 8 Ohms
Unconditionally Stable into any load from 2 ohm loads and up
High powered Solid State output relays for silent turn on/off
and lightning fast loudspeaker protection
Extra Heavy Duty Two ounce copper gold plated printed circuit boards
Rugged Single Die Lateral MOSFET Output Stage
Total of 300,000uf supply storage
Almost no internal cabling; both channels are embedded into a single PCB